Certificates, Technical Documents and Brochures

Technical FileDescriptionDownload
Document L Energy Loss in BuildingDocument L 1A - Energy Loss
Document QSecurity in DwellingsDocument Q - Security
Document KImpact and Fall ProtectionDocument K - Impact and Fall Protection
GGF Quality of Vision GGF Quality of Vision
GGF Quality of Vision StandardSealed Units
Version 4.1
GGF Quality of Vision Low-E & Solar Coatings in IGU'sGGF Low Emissivity Glass Visual Quality
ThinLite GlazingGuidlines on glazing ThinLite Sealed UnitsThinlite Glazing
Certifire 221 Document (Sealmaster)Clear & Wired Fire Glass Document with Sealmaster glazing products
Reissue: 7/10/19
CF221 Sealmaster....
Certifire 328 DocumentPilkington Clear Fire Glass Certifire Document
Reissue: 23/11/19
CF328 Pilkington UK
Warringtonfire Document WF368307Pilkington Scope;
Pyrodur Plus
Reissue: 29/01/19
WF368307 - Pilkington A07245 Rev A
Certifire 718 DocumentPilkington Wired Glass Certifire Document
Reissue: 15/02/21
CF718 Pilkington Group Limited - FEB21
Certifire 257 DocumentPyroguard UK Clear Fire Glass DocumentCF257-Pyroguard
Document Q - Guide Guide to Document-Q by CENSOLUTIONSCEN Doc-Q Guide
Operation & MaintenanceProcessed GlassOperation and Maintenance of Processed Glass
Operation & MaintenanceInsulated UnitsGlass Services Ltd O & M IGU's
Quench MarksPilkington Technical Doc on appearance of lines in heat treated glassQuench Marks
GGF Guidelines for the Use of Glass
in Protective Barriers
Useful glass barrier information Glass Loading Data Sheet
Guidance Notes on Condensation Guidance on the common misconception of external and internal condensation on new glazing.Guidance Notes on Condensation
Guidance Notes BarriersGeneral guidance notes on glass balustrading and barriers. Guidance Notes for Stairs, Balustrading & Barriers
Guidance on toughening limitations Limitations for holes, notches & cut-outs in EN12150-1 toughened glassEN12150 Limitations
EN14449Manufacture of Laminated GlassEN14449 Certificate
EN12150 Manufacture of toughened glassEN12150 Certificate
EN1279Manufacture of Insulated Glass UnitsEN1279 Certificate
Warrington Constancy of PerformanceManufacture and CE marking of Fire Rated Insulated UnitsWarrington Certificate
Pilkington ProcessorLicensed supplier of Pilkington fire glassZertifikat Glass Services UK 12-2021
EN12150-14 & 6mm Toughened Softcoat Fragmentation Frag 4 - 6mm Softcoat
EN12150-14 & 6mm Toughened Hardcoat Fragmentation FRAGMENTATION 4&6mm GLASS
EN12150-14mm Toughened Pattern FragmentationFrag 4mm Pattern
EN126004mm Toughened Patterned Glass Pendulum Test PENDULUM 4mm PATTERN
EN126004,6,8mm Toughened Clear Glass Pendulum Test PENDULUM 4-6-8mm CLEAR
EN12150-14,6,8,10,12,15 & 19mm Toughened Clear Fragmentation Frag 4 6 8 10 12 15 19 1100x360 Clear Glass
EN126004 & 6mm Toughened Softcoat Glass Pendulum Test PENDULUM 4-6mm Softcoat
Antique SilverAntique Silvers
Pilkington PatternsRolled Glass PatternsPilkingtonPatterns
Sceenline Slat BrochureScreenline slat and fabric brochurescreenline-slat-and-fabric-brochure
Satin Anti-Slip glass typesAnti-slip for laminated floor panels Satinated Anti Slip 10mm
Pilkington Suncool 70/35A clear solar control glass Pilkington_Suncool_70_35_brochure (2)
Terms & Conditions of SaleTerms & Conditions of Sale
Sealed Unit WarrantyWarranty
Credit Account Application FormCredit Account Application

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