Pilkington AviSafe™

Published October 6, 2023 by Ben Williams

We are pleased to announce that we are an authorised processor of Pilkington’s new Avisafe™ glass and as the name suggests it’s a type of glass which has been developed specifically to reduce bird-collisions with glazed openings within buildings or open space barriers.

The glass has been developed to reduce the two types of scenario where birds collide with glass. These are ‘Fly-through’ where a bird doesn’t actually register the glass being in it’s path of flight and ‘Reflection’ whereby birds are confused into thinking the images reflected are a suitable path for flight leading to somewhere else.

Pilkington Avisafe™ has been developed to offer architects and developers the chance to reduce the environmental impact glazing may have to birds in a specific location or project. It may also be used to meet specific planning requirements. It could for example be used for projects near to wetlands where there could be a perceived higher risk of strike due to increased numbers or in situations such as wildlife parks where glass is used as a barrier in close proximity to birds.

Avisafe™ works by having a pattern of ultraviolet stripes (UV) coated into the surface of the glass. These stripes break up the reflection and instead gives birds a greater perception that there is a barrier. The pitch of the vertical stripes is approximately 100mm and they are roughly 25mm wide with faded edges. The stripes can be seen with the human eye also, but even more so by birds.

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