Glass Processing

We can cut, saw, drill, shape, laminate, paint or sandblast almost any type of glass to any shape or design for any specification

Our skilled craftsmen work with the latest machinery and equipment to deliver a high quality finish to every glass processing job. We are continually investing in the latest processing and glass types to provide you with a cutting edge in glass. We have a very capable production setup that can handle large production runs to bespoke one-offs. We undertake all types of glass cutting, sawing, drilling, polishing, mitring, laminating, painting and sandblasting to meet your bespoke requirements. At Glass Services we take on jobs of all sizes so it’s worth calling to see if we can help.

Key Service Points

  • Full-time estimating, sales and production team.
  • Leading experience and knowledge processing glass
  • Complete range of in-house processes including automatic cutting, sawing, water-jetting, polishing, bevelling, mitring, drilling, toughening, laminating, painting and sandblasting
  • High quality finishing
  • Extensive range of materials held in stock for quick turnaround
  • Fast delivery with our tracked fleet of glass carriers.


Glass barriers, balustrades, floors, shelves, mirrors, screens, doors, splash-backs, display cabinets, aquarium glass, one-way mirrors, cracked ice laminated glass, fire screens, fire doors, kitchen/bathroom glass.

If you are not sure what you require there are a few things we would need from the start:

We work in metric millimetres (mm), so please provide all dimensions in this format. We also work to international drawing standards of dimensioning Width x Height specifically in this order. This is very important when dealing with glass with directional patterns or calculating safety aspects of barriers or fire glass.

  • Clearly state how many items you require of each item.
  • State what material you wish to have processed and then tell us what work it requires. This could be polished edges, painting, sandblasting, toughening for strength or safety etc.
  • State whether the glass needs to be a safety glass and what it needs to achieve in its installation in performance or appearance. If you are not sure, we can advise.
  • Please advise whether delivery or collection is required.
  • Delivery times will mostly depend on size, complexity and number of processes your order needs to go through.

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We are also accredited Pilkington fire unit manufacturers.

We also specialise in making Thinlite insulated units for heritage
and replacement glazing.

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