New Ashton Automatic Seaming Line Installed

Published January 3, 2023 by Ben Williams

With over a year of planning and months of delays due to supply chain issues to we’re pleased to announce January 2023 sees our most recent investment coming online to full production.

The latest addition is an Ashton Industrial fully automatic seaming line. The machine has been designed and manufactured to our specific requirements to boost production of toughened and laminated glass with sizes ranging from 150mm up 3000mm long. Using a 4-head diamond belt process this machine fully automates the process of de-sharping glass edges prior to tempering. The machine incorporates a fully automatic laser marking and washing system also.

The addition of this machine to our manufacturing process brings a higher level productivity whilst also bringing improved levels of quality with hands-off production. After a period of commissioning and testing which proved many logistical challenges, we’re pleased to say the project has been a great success.