Jumbo Glass Now in Stock!

Published March 12, 2024 by Ben Williams

We now have a select range of material available at our disposal in Jumbo (6000mm x 3210mm) format. The range is predominantly focused at thicker laminates for oversized commercial glazing and includes thicknesses ranging from 8.8mm to 12.8mm. We’ve also included 6mm low-iron (extra clear) within the range to continue our production of oversized splashbacks. With the addition of Jumbo handling we’re able to offer oversized single cut-sizes, oversized IGU’s and oversized processed items.

Due to the changes we’ve all experienced in supply chains, the historic sizes and sources of oversized glass we once were able to source have become no longer available, leaving only LES and Jumbo stock options and nothing in-between. This regrettably meant for a period we were unable to service oversized requirements until changes had been implemented to our storage and cutting equipment. We’re pleased to say we’re now back on track with oversized laminates and have a range of material available from stock to offer a reactive service to commercial and oversized glazing.

For further information or to submit and enquiry please contact us for further information.