Bianco e Nero

Published December 12, 2023 by Ben Williams

In addition to the range of Antique silver mirror we currently offer, we’ve added another two materials to the line-up to expand our range of offerings! Bianco e Nero and Bianco e Nero Fume‘ will be available to order from stock February 2024. They are widely recognised with a popular design which is often used in both domestic and retail settings.

We will be initially stocking in 6mm thickness with sheet sizes of 1250 x 2540mm. It can be cut, polished, beveled and have backings and mountings applied any like any ordinary silvered mirror.

For pricing and any further information please contact our sales team.

Below: Bianco e Nero Fume’ (antique effect silvering on a grey body-tint glass)

Below: Bianco e Nero (antique effect silvering on clear glass)