Stove Glass

Published November 10, 2023 by Ben Williams

Schott Robax® is a globally recognised clear ceramic glass brand. It’s primarily used in wood stoves but can also be used in other high temperature applications such as boiler sight glass. From stock we offer 4mm and 5mm thicknesses. The thicker 5mm material is used primarily in larger openings exceeding 400mm in any dimension.

If you are ordering a replacement item be sure to check the thickness and also measure accurately the size you require. When fitting Robax, it should not be a tight fit nor held too firmly against the fixture. For example, as a wood-stove door heats and cools it expands and contracts significantly whereas the Robax will hardly change at all. Therefore the Robax must not be held too firmly as these forces would be enough to break it. A perimeter clearance should also be allowed to compensate for dimensional changes also caused by thermal expansion and contraction of fixtures.