Thinlite Insulating Glass Units

High quality, robust insulating glass units for heritage and restoration projects to fit traditional joinery

Product Overview

Thinlites are made-to-measure insulating glass units used in heritage and restoration projects to replace single-pane glazing in traditional joinery while improving insulation properties.

For use when you need the overall unit thickness and sightline to be as low as possible. Thinlites can be filled with Xenon, Argon or Krypton gas depending on your U-value requirements.

With a decade of continuous manufacturing under the same production controls, Glass Services Ltd has supplied tens of thousands of units to the joinery and restoration trades. In recent years, slim double-glazed units have attracted a bad reputation due to a number of manufacturers offering unrealistic sightlines, alongside a generally poor standard of fabrication. This results in premature breakdowns and fogging.

Our Thinlite units have an 8mm sightline – we have worked closely with joiners who advised us this can be feasibly accommodated into most traditional sash windows and doors; offering a suitable balance between sightline and seal depth. Alongside this we have the traceability and history to prove it is a robust product, that succeeds in its application. Thinlites benefit from a five year warranty when correctly glazed to our instructions.

For information on specification, installation and U-values please see our Technical section

Key Product Points

  • Thinlite units can be constructed with a non-rigid silicone foam based white or black spacer as narrow as 4mm where the overall size does not exceed our recommended sizes or feasibility.
  • Units have been tested by the manufacturer of the spacer to EN1279 – 6, including EN1279 – 3 for gas retention and are manufactured in our own factory where we have obtained EN1279 1 – 6 for units with conventional spacer bars and are manufactured utilising the same quality control systems.
  • 8mm Sightline
  • Five year warranty when glazed correctly to our instructions
Thinlite Insulating Glass Unit


  • Heritage restoration
  • Traditional joinery
  • Replacement sash or case windows
  • Improving insulation properties of older buildings using existing frames

Guidance Notes

  • Care must be taken with regard to Document L of the Building Regulations 2010. Check with your Conservation or Building Control Officer at the appropriate Council Department for exemption.
  • If the units are being glazed without beads they must not be directly glazed with putties containing linseed oil.  Care must be taken to ensure oils and acids do not come into contact with the sealing.
  • To ensure the best adhesion of glazing tapes, compounds & silicones, Thinlite units are not edge taped.

For more guidance on specification, installation and after care please see our Technical Advice section.

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