New Pilkington Activ Blue & Activ Sunshade Blue

Published October 4, 2021 by Ben Williams

As of October 2021 we will be offering Pilkington UK’s new Activ Blue material from stock. This replaces the previous version of Activ Blue which is subsequently no longer available. As a result, the new material has a change of aesthetic appearance and performance figures to match.

The new material has moved away from a body tinted blue float to an online applied coating only. This has certainly resulted in a different material appearance and therefore we recommend new and old Activ Blue products should never be mixed. The new material is not as heavily tinted as the previous version and therefore has greater light transmission resulting in a more subtle appearance when viewed.

We are informed that the modification allows the Activ Blue colours to be produced with greater frequency and will allow Pilkington UK to react to demand in a more responsive and efficient way without impeding other manufacturing processes.

Unfortunately we have recently exhausted our remaining stocks of the old Pilkington Activ Blue range and therefore are unable to offer this going forward. We understand this will cause complications for retrospective works and replacements going forward in the immediate future.

We are currently in conversation with Pilkington UK with view to sourcing a limited amount of the original 4mm Activ Blue. It is still too early to confirm an order being placed but there is the potential we might see material late December / early January 2022. Any material we do source will be supplied on the basis for retrospective and replacement works only going forward.

In the meantime we will be issuing samples of the new Activ Blue range for customers wishing to see the new material. Please contact us if you wish to receive a sample.