Delivery of New Bavelloni Flatbed CNC

Published March 3, 2022 by Ben Williams

We have just taken delivery of our new Bavelloni Powerjet flatbed CNC!

The new machine will be stabled alongside our other CNC processing machinery as part of our expansion into new premises in 2020. Installation and commissioning has been scheduled to start Monday 7th March and the machine will be put into production on the 14th March.

We already have one Bavelloni flatbed CNC and on the basis that it has provided almost two decades of faultless service we placed an order for a second to aid our production in our new processing plant.

The Bavelloni Powerjet is a flat-bed CNC workcentre that is capable of milling, grinding, edge-polishing and bevelling complex shapes to high tolerances. It is also equipped with a laser for scanning templates and glass items for CAD drafting of work pieces. It as a bed size of 1700 x 3300mm to allow processing of some larger workpieces.