Investing in the Future

Published January 17, 2020 by Ben Williams

New multi-axis vertical processing center on order….

Glass Services has placed an order for a Denver Advanceplus multi-axis CNC processing center. With delivery projected for early summer 2020 the Advanceplus will step in to assist and boost other CNC operations allowing greater control and an increased output of processed glass. The new equipment will be the first piece of machinery to be stabled in the 5000 ft2 of new factory space acquired in 2019 and will become part of a planned growth and restructuring of our processing operations.

The Advanceplus is a vertical CNC multi-work center and is the latest innovation from Denver machinery. The machine is capable of high-speed integration of multiple processes such as polishing, drilling and milling. This makes it ideally suited to the production of doors, screens, glass balustrade and much more.

The machine ordered will be fully loaded with all the options which include increased glass handling to 3500 x 2500mm, high-speed flow configuration, automatic tool checking, auto unloading and polish package. These options combined will make the Advanceplus a formidable processing station with high-speed and quality processing of jobs any size.