Delivery of the Denver Advance Plus

Published May 7, 2020 by Ben Williams

On a slightly more positive note this week we saw delivery of the new Denver Advance Plus CNC workcentre. The machine which has been made to order by the Italian firm Denver was ordered late 2019 and had recently been held in Italy for a number of weeks due to the disruption caused by Coronavirus.

The Advance Plus is an high-speed workcenter capable of milling, drilling, grinding, polishing and countersinking all in one operation. It is also has the addition of the flow control package meaning it can process runs of multiple items loaded at higher speeds. It has also been upgraded to handle and machine glass up to 200 Kilos in weight!

We now look forward to carrying out a successful installation and period of training with Denver. The current situation surrounding Coronavirus has added another level of complication and potentially further delay to the process. However we are working hard to overcome these in a managed and responsible manner.

A big thanks to Ray at Happy Hiab for some great crane piloting!

We will keep you updated on progress!