Change Pilkington Optifloat Clear

Published January 13, 2020 by Ben Williams

Whats happening?

Pilkington UK will be changing the composition of its Optifloat range early 2020. This change will affect all clear float-based products including coated, laminated and silvered. The texture glass range will not be affected.

The change means a move to a mid-iron glass which will offer an improved aesthetic as the glass will be less green and so will be clearer. The change is also part of a harmonisation of the Optifloat composition across Europe.

Why the change?

The European standard EN1096-4 has been revised which means tighter emissivity tolerances from March 2020 which coated glasses will be subjected to. This means some coatings will need to be improved and the change to a mid-iron composition will help to ensure the updated standard is maintained.

The change will however affect other products such as laminated and silvered. It will be more noticeable in processed glass such as painted and thicker laminates for example. The mid-iron glass will appear lighter in transmission and less green. The visual appearance of 15mm and 19mm Optifloat will not be affected by the changes.


Supply of the new Pilkington Optifloat will commence in a phased basis from February 2020. If you have an ongoing project which you believe could be affected please contact us.